Thoughtful Tours for Fun Loving Visitors. We have 35! Below are a sample.



When your wife has written songs for Trisha Yearwood and Glenn Campbell, as well as a video of the year for Reba McEntire, and Grammy winning musicians have sung in your home too many times to count, music tours that tell the full story and significance of Nashville as a home for a broad spectrum of musical genres become a passion. Didn't know Louis Armstrong played on the Country Classic Blue Yodel number 9? Want to go to War Memorial Auditorium for one of their amazing new music nights? Our custom or classic music tours are just your ticket.


Interested in the Civil War? Business History? African-American History? Want to see some of the most beautiful and haunting acres of Nashville? A horse history tour could be just your ticket. Want to make this a bucket list adventure? Ask about taking this tour on Steeple Chase weekend for an ultra premium (and pricey) Second Saturday in May extravaganza. 2018 already booked. Taking reservations for 2019.


Transportation is a challenge for every generation. Barges and trains that solved some of the challenges and created some of the tragedies in centuries past provide opportunities for walking tours that inspire us to create new transportation solutions in the present while honoring the past.  No better place to begin a rails and river tour than River Front park. No better place to end than Radnor Lake, often called Nashville's Walden Pond.  Radnor was built by a train company to provide water for steam locomotives.  Today a walk around Radnor provides respite from the bustle of it city and excellent chances for wildlife sightings. Along they way we will discuss America's greatest train disaster--which has inspired artists in a wide variety of media.

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